Upcomming: Big bunch of Trash

This is the poster I made for the BIKE WARS workshops that friends and I will start in the beginning of May.

But what the heck is BIKE WARS?

Basically Bike Wars are like playing Tekken or Street Fighter, just live and with bikes. It´s a game, where each team builds their own monster bike to let it fight against the other bikes, and the last one standing wins. To get a hint about how that can look like, here is a short Bike Wars video that was shot in Berlin in 2003.


Good, trashy stuff.
The plan is to build teams of three people (the more teams the better), and to meet in the beginning of May for a one week long workshop, where the bikes and costumes will be made. At the end of the week will come the big badda boom event where all bikes will meet and, basically, crash.

Come visit us in Riga!


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