letter bird

A quick drawing and some cheesy words for a good friend I miss very much.

It goes like: ” As you know, especially here in the Baltics crows are very trusting, and they really like talking, if people were just listening. Not long ago I met this young crow-man and asked him to fly over to you to deliver you a message.

So keep your eyes open, he´s got to arrive quite soon.

With the manners of a proper crow he will most likely greet you with a polite: KRAAAH, but don´t just step away then, listen to what else he´s got to say. He´s not that fluent in human language then, so it might take him a little, and he ven has to deliver a whole sentence, which is: nice, that you are there. ”

Cheesy, I know. And I just realized that I don´t really like the word “nice”. It seems so meaningless. Is there a better word, when I don´t want to say beautiful?


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