we queens of the forest

I just returned from one of the most magical days I was blessed to experience so far.

Here in Latvia lives a stunning, beautiful woman called Inese Indane, that has started the Matka tribe project. That is a group of women and men that celebrate old Northern tribe ceremonies, that help finding peole back to their roots, travel through themselves, and re-discover, that we all actually are made of star dust and a wee little magic.


The tribe gave me the possibility to join one of their events deep in the forest by a river, where you felt so far away from all civilization, that instantly on arrival i calmed down, found my peace, and a beautiful strong female energy inside of me.

What can I say – for four days we were dancing, laughing, crying, and celebrating ourselves in a way we had long forgotten we deserve. I feel like I am new born. I feel strong, and capable of anything. And above all very loving.

I am in my sixth month of pregnancy now, and after all the shock, all the worrying and frustration – I made peace with my new life direction. I am ready to become a mother.


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