A book! A real, living book!

Finally! The great feeling when you have your first printed work in your hands!

My former German school teacher and I always used to have a good relationship with each other. She supported my writing a lot when I was in her classes, and the encouragment back then was just what I needed.

She quit teaching then when they diagnosed breast cancer two years ago. After her recover it was hard for her to get hold of the “normal” life again, and she started writing herself to keep an order of her thoughts.

The result of this period is this book of sensitive short stories, that motivate us to re-think about the value of time and people. Stories with a foggy, dark background through which a bright candle light shines at the end.

She had then asked me whether I´d like to ilustrate some of the stories, and of course I agreed. I am not super happy with the formatting, but in general it was really nice working together. And still – the result is very beautiful!

For any German reader who is interested, the book is available here

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