Fairy tale illustration


With this image I took part in a competition of illustrating Latvian folklore stories for a Japanese-Latvian cooperation.

On the one hand it is very good that they didn´t chose me, because my son doesn´t even allow me the free time to go to the shower, but on the other hand I really wished for this project. Illustrating folklore and fairy tales are a big wish of mine. I need to learn to cope with this kind of disappointments better



With big joy I hold the new One Beat Zines anthology in my hands!
“Identity” is a beautifully printed collection of the inner voices of 33 women. It is a celebration of diversity, getting-lost and finding-out, and the beauty of stopping for a while to look at all the life around.
And I am very happy that I had the chance to contribute to this with a mini comic; it´s alwas such a special feeling to hold something printed in the hands!

All the profits of the zine will go to the Feminist Library in London, and the Albert Kennedy Trust.
Get your copy here