Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Hanuka, and I created this blog to get a chance to spread all the work I do, to get feedback, and to get in contact with other artists.

Originally I am from a small village in Germany, but I currently live in Riga, Latvia, as I fell in love with the gentle sepia touch of past times that covers this city.

I used to work as a social worker with victims of Human Trafficking, prostitution, and/or domestic violence, and although Social Work and Women´s Rights still play a big role in my life, I decided that writing and drawing and letting my inspiration tumble to paper is healthier and more fulfilling for me.

I am constantly trying to improve my skills both at hand-painting, as well as colouring on the computer, but my passion is drawing in black and white. I see my black and white drawings as extensions of the ink in which stories were written.

Currently I am mainly working on comics and illustrations that cover Human Rights, my own memories, or folklore themes.

If you have any inquiries, project offers or ideas, you can reach me at: hanuka.lohrengel(at)gmail.com

Now have yourself a beautiful day


– Hanuka

photo by Corinna Roßbach 


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